Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pampering the Modern Man

The urban professional man lives on the cutting edge.  Fashion forward, early adopters who are sought after, never seeking.  Leaders, not followers, who are iconic in style and substance.  This is the Modern Man. 

On April 9th – 10th, Graffiti PR and the W Hotel San Francisco hosted the 2nd Annual Styling the Modern Man Series.  Portraying elements of a Men’s Fashion Week, the Series illustrated a cohesive and compelling brand concept composed of vignettes, presentations, and fashion shows catered to the Modern Man.

Day One of the series showcased four vignettes focused on the needs of the Modern Man.  

Mr., the upscale barbershop and urban lounge, was doing onsite ‘clean up’ with a trim or shave; Bella Pelle fixed up the brows with a quick wax; Therapeia provided relaxing massages; and Twilight Sounds presented the ultimate in-home experience…how cool would it be to heat up the pool/spa, turn off the lights, turn on the tv/stereo, and pull up the shades all with a few button clicks on a single remote control?  That’s what Twilight Sounds does.  While you imagine this, picture yourself relaxing in a chic, modern David Mast Design layout.  Combined, these four vignettes provide an intimate visceral experience that lets you live the life of the Modern Man…at least for a few hours.

Day Two of the series provided presentations from Celebrity Hair Stylist Kevin Josephson, from #1 rated television shows including Blow Out and Girls Next Door, who gave tips & tricks on grooming, styling, and secrets of the Hollywood elite; David Mast, from David Mast Design, whose 21st century designs create a sanctuary in one-of-a kind pieces, discussed modern design and its influences on the Modern Man's life.  Fashion shows by ON THE FLY and ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR closed the series event.

Best described as a union between Tommy Hilfiger, J Crew, and Phat Farm, On the Fly clothes are designed for work or play with a laid back attitude.  Fresh, fun and simple.  

Designed by a DJ, Artificial Flavor combines elements of G-Star mixed with the classic styling of Calvin Klein.  (It’s no wonder this brand is focused on remixing classic garments with a retro flair!)  Summed up:  lightweight fabrics made for lounging in muted colors that pop. 

So there you have it, the basics of what any man needs:  clothes, home and personal care.  With all this special treatment, how will the Modern Man fare next time?  The good news:  Graffiti PR is in the planning stages for the 3rd Annual Styling the Modern Man Series.  And, they’ll be expanding to New York and Los Angeles.  The bad news:  You’ll need to wait for next year to see it.  Stay tuned….

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thomas said...

very nice post, very unique style in fashion; combining mixed classic garments with retro flair. Awesome idea! it makes the suits more colorful that are made of lightweight fabric. I will wait for another 3rd stage (annual styling modern man) and I hope you'll add the unique style using a four button suits or any brown pinstripe suit coz' it is more elegant and look cool, fresh and fun like what you said. Thanks!That's a modern man is!