Monday, April 6, 2009

Going Green Never Looked So Good

Going Green. Seems like an overnight success, doesn’t it? It's the perfect 'feel good' notion. And nowadays, we all need a little bit of that, right?

Fine jewelry makers Amber Marie Bently, Alberto Parada, Dawes Design, and Zultanite Gems LLC are ‘minimizing their footprint’ by creating handcrafted sustainable fine jewelry in 100% recycled precious metals, fair trade gems, and conflict free diamonds.

C5 Company showcased extraordinary pieces from these designers at the Sustainable Fine Jewelry event at the W Hotel in San Francisco on Thursday March 19th. As each jewel illuminated brightly from each table, it was clear this was not your ordinary jewelry event. The innovative designs, craftsmanship, and intricate details of each piece were spectacular.

Amber Marie Bently’s couture jewelry line, borne of Aruyveda and Eastern cultural influences, resonates a classic, old world charm. Aside from using recycled gold, and sustainably harvested gemstones, Bently carefully selects and interviews each gem dealer to confirm the gems are fair trade and conflict free.

The “Green” goal of Alberto Parada is to educate consumers and jewelry store owners on where product comes from, how it was made, and what effect it has on the environment. By using 100% recycled HARMONY gold, Parada avoids any contribution to environmental destruction and waste caused by precious metal mining. Described as ‘everyday elegance’, Parada’s self-taught design skills has led to receiving the Eco-Friendly Jewelry Design Award, as well as being the featured jewelry designer in the 1st ever Green Fashion Week in Seattle in Oct 2007.

Versatility and simplicity are key components of Dawes Design, created by California local Jennifer Dawes, who started in her own backyard studio. Manufactured locally, Dawes uses responsibly mined stones with recycled precious metals, and conflict free diamonds. Spending an average of 2-3 hours per piece, Dawes’ full collection is designed for ‘stacking’ where you can mix and match different pieces to create unique combinations.

A captivating kiwi green in daylight, and transformation to a luscious brownish-raspberry in incandescent lighting, Zultanite Gems are truly one-of-a kind. Completely untreated, these color changes occur naturally. The mystery behind this lies in the cut of the gems. As noted by top-notch gem carvers in Canada and Asia Pacific, Zultanite gems are intricately cut in the cleavage of the gem, this enables it to shine brighter than most.

Aside from using recycled precious metals, Zultanite Gems’ Owner Murat Akgun ensures these fair trade gems are conflict free; since he owns and operates the mine in Turkey, the origin of these gems. In support of the employees, he provides cash bonuses, social security, benefits, and improved wages ranging from $700-$3000/month (average minimum wage in Turkey is $450). Additionally, Akgun gives the community food and supply donations while continuously building and developing shelters, roads, and schools for the locals.

The work of these amazing designers can all be found at the C5 online boutique. Plus, C5 donates 5% of their sales to Under the Baobab Tree (UTBT), a non-profit organization that provides education and economic opportunities in African communities.

Now, isn't that something to feel good about?


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