Thursday, March 26, 2009

The New Anti-Bride

Whoever said there’s a standard wedding dress was wrong!...At least that’s what, Destination I Do Magazine, W Hotel,, and believe.  And they proved it on March 19th 2009 in a groundbreaking fashion show where the styles of young edgy graduate design students, a Project Runway alum, and a multitude of wedding gowns went beyond your imagination. 

Code-named “Operation Aisle Style”, the W Hotel San Francisco event not only showcased the brazen ideas of these up-and-coming designers, but also the innovative styling’s of Kenneth Pool designer, Austin Scarlett.  

Welcome to the Anti-Bride Show:  your atypical fashion show.  Whether gazing at the crowd or the models on the runway, every walk of life was present:  Goth, Hippie, Modern/Classic, Rockabilly, 60’s Mod, Punk Rock, Retro, Futuristic, even Voodoo! 

Graduating students of The Art Institute in San Francisco 

were challenged to design the alterna-wedding gown for their fantasy bride.  

Each student’s gown was judged upon style, prowess, creativity, and innovation.  The contestants dresses and gowns included

 capes with embroidered flowers, tiger print trains, leather skirts with matching bodice and hat, tons of lace, and a bone headdress.  

Although all were cutting edge, there can only be one winner:  Chaz Schaad won with this Galliano type black silk gown, worn by a Stella McCartney model look-a-like.  To sum it up:  Goth-couture reincarnated with a modern twist.  

Later, Kenneth Pool's latest collection by designer Austin Scarlett graced the runway.  Gorgeous silk gowns, classic ruffles, and sparkling crystal-embroidered trains were amongst a few of these elegant masterpieces.

Maintaining the designs of a classic wedding gown, Scarlett proved that his style would never be outdated.  It's no wonder Scarlett is in high design demand by celebrities and socialites around the world!

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Zane Wooder said...

If I was a women and I was getting married I would wear the most unique wedding dress I could find.

-Zane of ontario honey