Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Eco-Fashion Epicenter of San Francisco

Welcome to the blog spot for The Innovative Fashion Council! We are a not for profit fashion trade organization in San Francisco dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness in fashion design. Our mission is to bring together like-minded designers and to create a fashion district in the center of San Francisco dedicated to eco-fashion. Call us the "slow food of fashion" if you like. Just don't call us boring. Our goal is to show you that sustainable fashion is not only chic, but also more meaningful than what you'd find in a mainstream store.

In addition to attending our monthly networking events, IFCSF supporters can connect via our Facebook page or at local events posted on this blog. We'll also be posting interviews with local San Francisco designers and information on who's doing what and where. As our group expands, so will this blog. We'd love to hear from you, even if you are based outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. And if you travel to faraway places let us know what's happening in those communities. It's time for San Francisco to take its place in the industry as a center for sustainable fashion.

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Style Eyes said...

sustainable fashion is anything but boring. I love the refashioned recycled clothes that are so big at the moment.